When you give the body the right building blocks, by nature it will repair itself. 

When you look at the body from a holistic perspective,

you can see what others have not. 

Why choose nutrition therapy

Nutrition Therapy   -   Wellness Coaching

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In nutrition therapy, you will be guided through the process of  dietary and lifestyle change. By introducing customized healing foods and eliminating others,  vitality is an achievable goal. Through education, useful tips and simple, effective changes, your counseling sessions will facilitate your personal journey to optimal health and wellness.  The right foods forge the proper structure and function of the body.  I will help you improve and evolve your diet so that your food nourishes you and provides what your body needs as an individual. 

Nutrition Therapy looks at the body from a different perspective.  Using food as a form of therapy is a powerful tool in healing the body from the depths of illness to optimal health and everything in between.   The old adage, "You are what you eat" is actually quite correct.  The food we eat wil break down to its smallest molecular structure, and then the body will use those tiny elements to repair and regenerate the body.  When those building blocks are easily recognizable and primarily useful and beneficial to the body, health can be maintained or restored.    When you eat food made from poor quality and processed ingredients, chemicals and other additives or toxins that burden the body, the body will have no option but to repair with junky building blocks.  Over time, body systems will become dysfunctional and will need to be rejuvenated.  Healing foods can restore the body back to health.   Specific phytonutrients and other natural remedies will aid in and support the healing process to rebalance the body systems that have become unbalanced.   It is not just what we eat, but what we digest and absorb as well.   Through optimizing digestion, eliminating food intolerances and addressing nutrient deficiencies, the body and mind will be put back on the path to wellness.  Contact me and your journey to better health can begin today.